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Alaskan/Yukon Moose:
The moose that live in our outfitting territories in the Yukon are the largest antlered game in the world, the mightiest of the North American moose species, the literal giant, Alces alces gigas! Tucked between Alaska and Canada’s Northwest Territories, the Yukon is a world class hunting destination for moose, Dall sheep, grizzly bear and mountain caribou. Our remote outfitting areas offer spectacular mountain scenery, fish filled rivers and lakes, wide, timbered valleys and incredible hunting; the perfect place for serious hunters seeking the adventure of a lifetime!

The human to moose ratio in the Yukon is two to one; there are over 65,000 moose and only 30,000 humans in the Yukon! Even better, very few of those Yukon citizens hunt moose! When you add the approximately 500 non-resident moose hunters who trek to the Yukon every year for the “Moose Rush” and the human to moose ratio becomes about 20 moose per hunter. In a word, the moose in the Yukon are virtually “unhunted.”

According biologists, the Yukon moose population is stable or increasing. The 40% of the Yukon that is covered in boreal forests (and moose) is a mixture of hills, mountain slopes and valley bottoms. Much of the north-central Yukon was for the most part, missed by the last Ice Age, allowing the giant moose of the Yukon to evolve in isolation from other moose species. Approximately 80% of the Yukon is still classified as wilderness, making for a truly wild hunting experience for truly wild and undisturbed moose. Most moose in the Yukon Territories never see or smell a human being, and are as apt to ignore or even approach the hunter, as they are to walk away.


All hunts are one guide per one hunter unless otherwise noted. Camps, cabins and tents, all meals, lodging, guides, horses (where applicable) skinning and salting of hides is included.

Canada - Yukon

Moose - Horseback/Riverboat
Mountain Caribou
Dall Sheep - Horseback, Riverboat & Backpack
Grizzly Bear

Canada - Queen Charlotte Island / Vancouver Island

Island Black Bear
Sitka Blacktail Deer
(QCI Only)
Sitka Blacktail Deer /
Black Bear Combo (QCI Only)
Trophy Fresh/Saltwater Fishing (QCI Only)

Canada - Saskatchewan

Whitetail Deer
Black Bear
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